The new Rycote “PCS” Professional Connection System.

The new Rycote “PCS” Professional Connection System.

Rycote is delighted to introduce the brand-new Professional Connection System ('PCS'), the ingenious, simple and intuitive quick attach and release system. The first product in the range is the PCS-Boom Connector which has been designed for professional boom pole use.

Rycote PCS Boom
With its universal 3/8" compatibility and incredibly simple 'click-in' attachment mechanism, this new PCS-Boom Connector is rock solid and noise-free when connected...and its set to be massively popular with audio professionals!

Optional Attachment products.

The Pair of 3/8" Tips - allow for PCS connectivity with any 3/8" female threaded shock mount, windshield kit etc...


The Classic and Cyclone Adaptors - provide the neatest, lightest and simplest way to integrate the PCS into existing Rycote windshield kits; simply 'click' - and boom!