Rycote releases a premium range of Carbon Fibre Boom Poles

Rycote releases a premium range of Carbon Fibre Boom Poles for Professional Sound Operators


Rycote and Vitec Imaging Solutions are delighted to announce the launch of their new range of carbon fibre microphone boom poles.

The Rycote Mic Boom Poles have been designed and co-developed with premium tripod manufacturer Gitzo to combine cutting edge tube and locking technology with noise-free sound expertise.
Rycote Boom Pole Family
One Brand – a Complete System

With microphone windshields and shock-mounts at its core, and the recent addition of the PCS-Boom Connector quick release, Rycote has decided to take it a step further. Introducing a range of professional carbon fibre microphone boom poles to provide a fully integrated system for the sound professional.

With the combined expertise of Rycote in professional sound recording and Vitec’s carbon fibre technology used in their market-leading tripods, has produced a perfectly balanced and precise tool for the boom operator.

The professional lightweight carbon fibre boom poles with silky sliding tubes, intuitive locks and rattle free positioning provides unparalleled performance for boom ops in any scenario.                                                                                     

Essential Elements for Rapid Dependability
Rycote Boom Pole
Precision and Balance
High modulus (HM) “Carbon eXact” developed in partnership with Gitzo tripods allows for narrower tubes to be even stiffer. The carbon fibre tubes assure for both maximum lightness and superb rigidity that guarantee minimum flex - even when fully extended.
Rycote Boom Pole
Fast and Secure Locks
Superior twist-locks with a multi-pitched thread adopted from state-of-the-art tripod technology, ensure rapid extension and collapse of the boom pole with only a quarter-turn of the knurled aluminium grip to open or lock each section. The ingenious design guarantees tube sections do not twist when unlocked. Despite the dust-preventative design, each section can be disassembled and reassembled for cleaning or maintenance.

Convenience as Standard
Both the 3/8” threaded male tip and the rubberised bottom end cap are removable to allow for easy internal cabling or cabling adjustments.

Simple and Effective Range
The Rycote 5-section carbon fibre microphone boom poles are available in three different lengths that will accommodate any application, each with a rated payload of 5kg/11.02lbs

The Range:

Mic Boom Small RYC90001 - $499.00rrp* (At time of Dec 2020*)

Collapsed length: 57cm/22.44”

Extended length: 200cm/78.74”

Weight: 0.48kg/ 1.03lbs

Mic Boom Medium RYC90002
- $699.00rrp* (At time of Dec 2020*)

Collapsed length: 83cm/32.67”

Extended length: 330cm/129.92”

Weight: 0.65kg/ 1.43lbs

Mic Boom Large RYC90003
- $799.00rrp* (At time of Dec 2020*)

Collapsed length: 100cm/39.37”

Extended length: 420cm/165.35”

Weight: 0.78kg/ 1.72lbs

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