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Windjammer DPA 5100

Product Code: 022031

Windjammer for the DPA 5100 Surround Microphone

Main Benefits:

  • Specially designed for the purpose - our Windjammer® give the most effective wind-noise protection available
  • Secure and snug fitting, using a draw-string and toggle
  • First introduced and invented by Rycote in 1987, we are the original makers of first-class Windjammer

Designed to fit the DPA 5100 surround microphone. Windjammer fur lined, with drawstring & toggle closing, Windjammer labels.

Tech Specs

Windjammer Fur Length: 40mm
Windjammer Fur Colour: Grey

Finding the correct Windjammer will depend on your Windshield. Each Windjammer is designed to fit over it's corresponding Windshield, for example a Windjammer 1 will fit over a Windshield 1 etc.

Because the Windjammer is most effective when fitted tightly, their approximate length is 50mm longer than their corresponding Windshield.

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